This Is the family of Jack Cummins.

Olive and Jack Cummins

Jack Cummins
Died 18th march 1974 (71)

Olive (Reeby) Cummins
Died 11th April 1972 (63)

Sean Cummins Died
March 2001 (75)

Betty (Cummins) O'Reilly
died 2nd Sept. 1965 (36)
John Francis Cummins
Died Aged 2 years

David Cummins
died 1998

Brian Cummins
Died Jan.2001 (65)

Austin Cummins
Died 1991 (54)


Niall Cummins

Verna (Cummins) Beattie

Adrian (Charles)

Austin's German Friend Rolf, Austin,
David, Brian, Terry, Niall, Verna
Dad and Mams Grave and the ashes of my Brother Sean.s Son Mark Deans Grange Cemetery