Meet Betty's family ..Here

Colm's Father and Mother with Betty's Father and Mother

(Front)Bettys Brother David, , Colm and Betty, Edith (Colms Sister) Bettys Mother, Bettys Grandmother,
Front Row, Bettys Baby Sister Verna, and Bettys Baby Brother Niall

Shortly after Betty's death her Mother visited Canada, this picture was taken with Granny Cummins
, Jacqualine (L) and Donna (R) at the back, David, Verna, Bettys husband Colm and son Terry,
Niall, (David, Verna and Niall are brothers and sister).

Colm (far Right) with Army Colleagues

Colm with his Brother Noel O-Reilly

Colm's Daughter Jacqualine