This Is Seans Family.

Sean at Clogher Road 1973

Sean's first wife Joyce with his first son Michael
At last we have solved the mystery as to why Sean's family in Australia called him "Pat" while his family in Ireland called him "Sean". Some how I came across a crumpled photo of his birth certificate. He was christened Patrick, John, Bernard, Cummins. (Sean is Irish for John)...See Sean's birth
Sean told me his birth certificate states his Mothers maiden name was Reeby which is also the name on my (Terry) birth certificate. However, if you look at Sean's birth certificate it states his Mothers maiden name as Wareham. We were never sure where Wareham and Reeby came. What is now certain is Our Grandmother married Frank Reeby as registered on our Grandmother's headstone. See ....Grave... I have blown up the picture and can clearly see the name and dates. I also obtained her death certificate from the UK.
Finally there is a web site UK Census 1901 click to visit it if you want to trace other friends or relatives living in the UK in 1901. I have checked it for Wareham or Reeby but it was a blank.

Michael Cummins

Mark Cummins

Andrew Cummins

Patricia Cummins

Karen Cummins

Sean's second wife Faye

Faye and Sean

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