Niall's Wedding Day July 1972

This is Niall's Family Photo's

Niall, Doreen, Jennifer, David and Paul (approx. 1986)
Click picture to see Jennifer's new Baby Boy and the naming ceremony 30/09/06

Four Generations, Jennifer with new baby "Fainne",
Jen's Mam Doreen and Doreen's Mam, (7th August 2004)
It is with regret that we recall the death 3 weeks before christmas 2004 of Jen's grandmother (picture here). Mrs Murray is buried in a new graveyard overlooking the the bunglow where Jen's mam and the rest of the family have their weekend retreat.

Jennifer, and baby Fainne

Fainne and Aoife (Cousins)

Jen and Dee with baby Fainne and the baby's Uncle and Godfather Paul

Dee and Fainne

Niall and Doreen (July 1972)

Niall's Wedding Party (1972)

Niall and Paul (front right) Jennifer is back left (Terry and Margarets House 2002)

Niall with Grandaughter Fainne and son Paul

Niall, Jennifer, Doreen. Paul

Jennifer with Husband Dee and their Children
Christmas 2020