My Daughter Sarah....
So who am I?
I'm Sean Cummins daughter...the youngest of the 5 children for mum and dad.

I'm 43 on the 13th March 2005. I have one daughter Sarah who is 20. She's a typical 20..lives out of home with her friend, working full time in Sydney. I live near Mark & Sue in the same suburb. I work in Sydney so I travel about 90 minutes each way to work. Not something I like but where we live the work is limited.

I have one dog. Her name is Ella and she is a Bichon Frise. At the moment she is staying with Mark & Sue as I had to move out of my house while I had the floor boards polished. I have been renovating for nearly 12 months and this is nearly the end. I've never travelled to the UK at all as my love in life is mountains so I tend to travel to places such as New Zealand for climbing & snowboarding and Nepal for some amazing mountains. Srah & I travelled through some of Europe in 2000 to Austria, Spain and Switzerland for a few months - that was as close as I have come to the UK.

I now have many friends living in the UK - all English, so the visit may come sooner than I had ever thought. Some news from Mark & Sue. Narelle graduates from the NSW Fire Brigade tomorrow (2nd March) which is very exciting for her. She will then be working from a station located at The Rocks which is in Sydney on the Harbour. Lovely place to work but it will take her about 90 minutes to travel.

My email address is This email address is at work and I contract so there is no guarantee how long I will be here. Also please note capital "T" and "B" more pics of Sarah and her new Baby