Terry Cummins Family Tree
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This is the Cummins Family Tree..

I am Terry Cummins and started this web site in 1994. The picture on the left is my Grandmother Ellen Cummins (Formerly Lane) born 22nd October 1872. My Grandmother was married twice, and we estimate the second marriage to McAuley may have taken place around 1920.Nellie, Jack and Paddy were Cummins from the first marriage, while Gerard and Melia were McAuley from the second marriage. In the picture of my Grandmother (left) Gerard McAuley is on her lap, My Father Jack is standing to the right of the picture. On the left at the back is Nellie and to her front in the frock is my Uncle Paddy. (Folklore had it that the Fairies took all little boys up to the age of four, hence Paddy is in a dress so the Fairies wont take him. The picture on the right is my Grandfather, Patrick, born 20th january 1873. The Fox Family is my wifes family and I added this section for my own children to have as a family picture record. (Click on each photograph to see more)


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A Tribute on Mams 50th anniversary of her passing

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